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Jhonjheng Library

Address: No. 69, Dalian Rd., Pingtung City

1. Eachreading room is equipped with a floor plan so that readers can find books moreefficiently. 

2. Sparedesks & chairs, stationery and a sample of how to fill out the library cardapplication form are available at the information counter of each reading room.

3. Theroutes and lights are well planned to provide the readers with a cozyenvironment

4.Jieshou Library has 200 sets of reading desks and chairs and isair-conditioned. It is open year round. 

5. InBook Rearranging every day, we put the books in order by their classificationfor readers to find the materials they need.

6.Services such as “Good Book Recommendation”, “Reading Instruction” and “LatestBook Introduction” are provided at the Information counter of the library.“Library Card Application Guidelines” is also available so that readers canapply for the card more conveniently. The bulletin at the counter providesrelevant information about the latest books and cultural activities.

7. Thelibrary provides computers for the readers to search for data. We also updatethe database regularly to provide the latest knowledge. 

8.Non-paper materials are updated in the audiovisual room which is equipped with18 sets of chairs, DVD and VHS equipment for people to use. 

9. Copymachines and cards are available in F1 and F2 for readers to copy materials. 

10. Thereare book recommending cards for readers. For the books they recommend, we willinform them if the books are available for borrowing. 

11.Tables, chairs and rain protection are set up in the balcony, offering a fineview so that readers may read books more leisurely and with more enjoyment.

【Functions of Each Room】
Itprovides all categories of books on open shelves so that readers can feel freeto read the books there. Or, they may borrow books by library card. Onlineservices are offered, such as: available book inquiry, pre-booking, good bookrecommendation, reading instruction and material copying. 

It storesall categories of reference books for readers. Borrowing by library card is notallowed here. Reference inquiry service is provided however. Readers can talk,write, call or email to ask the library staff questions or request them to helpin searching for materials. They can also go online to search for data in thisand other libraries. A computer for the blind is also provided for surfing thenet and searching for data. Copy service is also offered.

Chineseand English periodicals and newspapers are available here. Some of theback-number issues of periodicals can be borrowed by readers by library card.The automated system will continue incorporating the circulation record intothe online inquiry service. Copying service is also offered.

Individualseats equipped with DVD players are set up. Readers can access to it byapplication form and library card. One disc can be borrowed at one time. Thearchived data is only for use in this room and cannot be borrowed outside ofthe library for the time being. Privacy is absolutely prohibited.

Acquisitionand Cataloging Room:
It isresponsible for purchasing, cataloguing and sending books and materials to eachroom as well as planning educational activities held in the library.

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