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Concert Hall (Major Hall) -- devoted to varioustypes of musical performances

Themajor hall is designed to accommodate a diverse spectrum of musical performances,ranging from solo violin recitals to large-scale choral concerts presented byup to 120 singers. All types of instrumental music events, be it an orchestralperformance or a symphony orchestra concert, can be delivered here. Allsurfaces covering the ceiling above the stage and seating, floor, and walls usefireproof wood material. The box-like wood structures, varying in size andheight, and mounted on both side walls, are acoustic diffusers that scattersound and prevent unwanted echoes from bouncing off of flat surfaces. Images symbolizingfeatures of Pingtung are transformed intoartistic wood sculptures and cleverly mixed with finishes on the side walls--anadditional innovative interior design that encompasses both functionality andstyle.

Capacity: 1,050

ExperimentalTheater (Minor Hall)--for experimental productions and activities empoweringartistic and cultural groups

Thissmall yet well-designed space serves multiple functions, allowing top-notchdancers, scriptwriters, and artists alike to put their talent into action and expressthemselves artistically. Here, any variety of performance can be held.


Open-airPlaza -- for multifunctional purposes inclusive of arts and cultural events

Apart from the excellent quality of thefacilities overall, an open-air plaza accommodating 1,200 audience members allowsvisitors who love sunshine and the outdoors to enjoy performing arts at this Center.

Capacity: 1,200

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